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Thanks for checking out my store, my name is Roy Autry; some collectors will know me from artifact shows around Indiana & Kentucky for almost fifty years. My store lists a mix of 95% Indiana/ Kentucky/ Illinois points sold either individually or in groups--plus a few from Missouri. Creek found points, with their special patination, are my specialty. Some listings are geared toward the 'new' collector, but I try to mix in some better grade pieces for the more advanced collector. Regardless of quality (or quantity) EVERY single piece will be lifetime guaranteed authentic and as described. The item description is printed out and will include as much information as I've been able to gather with an artifact; provenance matters. Each purchase has a fourteen (14) day inspection period, more time is given if you wish to have something authenticated--I recommend Jerry Dickey as I think him the best qualified of the professional authenticators. Shipping cost will be stated upfront, but only for INSIDE the U.S. Unlike the "E" site I encourage personal checks, you do business one-to-one, and trust is a part of that equation. Pay Pal is not accepted at this time. Thanks--Roy A.

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70058-- Kirk Stem-serrated-FINE, fine chipping
Price: $155.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 298
Beautiful Dalton Greenbriar
Price: $330.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 351
Perfect Pelican
Price: $1,150.00
Status: Available
Accepting Offers
Total Views: 37
70125--A big group of Indiana--Kentucky points
Price: $175.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 362