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Lances Relics

Updated On: Sep 18, 2021
Total Items: 79
Hello my name is Lance Kokas, I have been collecting relics for over ...

Native American Pride...

Updated On: Sep 17, 2021
Total Items: 53
I Only sell authenticate artifacts with either COA items or personal ...

Spirit's Relics Store #2

Updated On: Sep 17, 2021
Total Items: 121
Welcome to Spirit's Relics #2 our namesake and spokesperson being "Sp...

Lone Star Artifact Re...

Updated On: Sep 17, 2021
Total Items: 113
Lone Star Artifact Reclaim primarily sells artifacts of stone, bone ...

R.A.Autry Artifacts

Updated On: Sep 17, 2021
Total Items: 88
Thanks for checking out my store, my name is Roy Autry; some collecto...

Left Behind

Updated On: Sep 16, 2021
Total Items: 56
I’m selling some artifacts from my collection. I have been collect...

Sierra Artifacts

Updated On: Sep 16, 2021
Total Items: 242
Greetings, I am Walter Williams, a long-time Texas collector. I spec...

Spirit's Relics

Updated On: Sep 16, 2021
Total Items: 247
Welcome to Spirit's Relics! My name is Kevin Kelly and I've been coll...

olenicks relics

Updated On: Sep 16, 2021
Total Items: 70
welcome to my store my name is Steven Olenick . I started collecting...

L. Strubler Artifacts

Updated On: Sep 12, 2021
Total Items: 71
Hello and thank you for visiting my store. My name is Lucas Strubler...

Dennis E. Lowe Artifacts

Updated On: Sep 09, 2021
Total Items: 240
I have been in the military antiques and artifact business for 50 yea...

Birckheads Arrowheads

Updated On: Sep 08, 2021
Total Items: 64
Welcome to Birckheads Arrowheads. My Names is James Birckhead. I h...

Huntsman Artifacts

Updated On: Sep 04, 2021
Total Items: 78
Welcome to Huntsman Artifacts! My name is William Huntsman and I have...


Updated On: Sep 03, 2021
Total Items: 54
I sell artifacts from all areas of the US, Pre Columbian relics and E...

Mueller’s Artifacts

Updated On: Aug 22, 2021
Total Items: 59
My Grandfather, Norman C Mueller, spent most of his life collecting a...

Fishing Creek Artifac...

Updated On: Aug 15, 2021
Total Items: 124
I want folks to know that I will not be using paypal anymore. Some of...

C and B Texas Artifacts

Updated On: Jul 28, 2021
Total Items: 31
Hello, we are Chris and Briana Haggerton, over the past several years...

Prairie Artifacts

Updated On: Jul 28, 2021
Total Items: 68
Thanks for visiting Prairie Artifacts. My name is Steve Keierleber, a...

Smith’s Relics

Updated On: Jul 26, 2021
Total Items: 23
Smith’s Relics has great artifacts that would be a great addition t... Tradin...

Updated On: Jul 16, 2021
Total Items: 17
Welcome friends an fellow artifact enthusiasts. Hoss here long time A...

Bluff Springs Artifacts

Updated On: Jun 06, 2021
Total Items: 17
Hello I'm Bill Cox. Welcome and thanks for visiting. I have artifacts...

JLdogseye Artifacts

Updated On: Apr 30, 2021
Total Items: 147
New items added 6/12/20 and now taking Paypal! Thanks for stopping to...

Mac's Artifacts

Updated On: Feb 21, 2021
Total Items: 91
Hello and welcome to my Store on! I specialize in most...

Dennis E. Lowe Artifa...

Updated On: Jan 03, 2021
Total Items: 217
Please see our other site for a complete profile.

Oxford Trading Post

Updated On: Sep 05, 2020
Total Items: 58
Oxford Trading Company is based in historic Oxford, Mississippi. We s...

ANJ Rocks

Updated On: Dec 31, 1969
Total Items: 0
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Amazing Rare Texas Milnesand Arrowhead Guaranteed Rogers COA
Price: $400.00
Status: Available
Accepting Offers
Total Views: 18
Super Rare One Of A Kind Ceremonial Ohio Snake Head Effigy Dickey COA
Price: $1,200.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 3078
Price: $475.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 100
60152--Indiana Early Archaic salvaged Lost Lake
Price: $42.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 3085
Beautiful 2 7/16” Ohio ‘Lightning Bolt’ Upper Mercer Bifurcate
Price: $135.00
Status: Pending Sale
Total Views: 133