72876--Ft Payne Flint Early Archaic Cobbs



72876--Ft Payne Flint Early Archaic Cobbs

72876--Ft Payne Flint Early Archaic Cobbs
72876--Ft Payne Flint Early Archaic Cobbs
72876--Ft Payne Flint Early Archaic Cobbs
72876--Ft Payne Flint Early Archaic Cobbs

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Shipping included with the price on this Ft. Payne Flint (or Muldrough Flint) Early Archaic Cobbs Knife. The tip area is NOT restored, tap it against other flint and it rings with the sound only hard flint produces-- a 'ding'.. Note a surface flake exfoliated below the tip, it shows a dark gray color where there is no 7500BP patina. Whatever minerals that band of flint was exposed to, it patinated dark gray flint to a brown, but didn't change the white inclusion of the tip itself; much harder flint at the very tip. Total length is 4&1/4" by 1&15/16", the Cobbs Knife slightly over 3/8" max thickness. The blade edges are bevel sharpened and pressure flaked, one edge showing a shaft scraper indented. The piece came through an Indiana estate, not marked as to county--or if the piece could have been purchased from a Kentucky finder, the flint being found in Indiana and Kentucky counties west of Louisville, Ky--you have the area, though. Every detail is guaranteed authentic. I welcome checks or M.O.s, however I do not use paypal--Roy A.

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