68170--Illinois Full Groove Ax-simply a NICE axe



68170--Illinois Full Groove Ax-simply a NICE axe

68170--Illinois Full Groove Ax-simply a NICE axe
68170--Illinois Full Groove Ax-simply a NICE axe
68170--Illinois Full Groove Ax-simply a NICE axe

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This axe has been on my desk for some time, something (an artifact) you pick up when you're thinking about what to write--it's a piece that has such a great in-hand feel you focus on artifacts--make sense? It does to me, anyway...an estate-sold Axe, Early Archaic Full Groove, but (very possibly) late in what we define as the Early Archaic Period --7500BP, shading into the earliest part of the Mid Archaic---the top of the axe is a style transitioning into the three-quarter groove style. It isn't (yet) the flat top (or fluted top) 3/4 grooved style, but study the piece, it'll make sense when you compare pictures of each form. The finder hunted a long & deep creek drainage that separated Edwards and Wabash Counties, Illinois--which side of the creek, which site, that wasn't tagged. The axe has a few very light plow scratches to the granite surface, measures exactly 4" by some 2&9/16", caliper reads 1&13/16" max thickness on the heel. Worn slightly, yes, but a VERY well formed bit with excellent bit-area polish. The shipping cost is included with the price; checks, cash, or M.O.s welcomed, but please note I do not use paypal--Roy A.

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