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Hello and welcome to my Store on! I specialize in mostly Hardstone Artifacts with an emphasis on Bannerstones and Gorgets. I mainly collect from the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee but as you can see from my items I will have items from all over the United States from time to time. I offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all items. No buyers remorse please. (Pottery Returns must be made in person). I also guarantee everything I sell to be authentic and legally obtained. I am always in the market to buy single items and collections that are legally obtained. Email your photos to . I am a member of The Authentic Artifact Collectors Association, Central State Archaeological Society, Mississippi/Alabama/Tennessee State Archaeological Societies and the Genuine Indian Relic Society. I ship all orders FREE USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Tracking. I prefer PayPal or US Postal Money orders but will accept personal checks and will ship after the check has cleared. Thanks again for stopping my Mac’s Artifacts Store!

Test Product

$25,000.00    Views: 146

Status: Available

Brown Banded Claystone Semi Keel Gorget

 Views: 921

Tan Claystone Semi Keeled Gorget

 Views: 482

Claystone Adena drilled gorget

$530.00    Views: 656

Status: Available

Tennessee Hard-stone Pendant Morast

$550.00    Views: 571

Status: Available

East TN Semi Keeled Gorget

$800.00    Views: 400

Status: Available

Hiwassee River Game Stone

$135.00    Views: 835

Status: Available

Tennessee Hard-stone Tube Bannerstone

$900.00    Views: 873

Status: Sold

Benton Phase Mississippi Crown Bannerstone

 Views: 617

Maces or Benton Duck Bills

 Views: 947

Second Phase Reel Bannerstone

 Views: 742

Shuttle Bannerstone

$875.00    Views: 868

Status: Available

Kentucky Bannerstone Preform Cache

$2,200.00    Views: 1513

Status: Available

North Carolina Bannerstones

$900.00    Views: 1292

Status: Available

Assorted Pieces of Pottery

$250.00    Views: 2050

Status: Available Price Reduced

Mississippian Water Bottle

$1,725.00    Views: 906

Status: Available

Quapaw Old Town Red Spittoon Hatchcock

$2,250.00    Views: 782

Status: Available

Red and White Mississippian water bottle

$2,900.00    Views: 823

Status: Available

Hardstone Pendant from North Mississippi

$1,300.00    Views: 1358

Status: Available

Full Body Human Effigy Bottle

$8,500.00    Views: 1462

Status: Available

Full Body Human Effigy Bottle. Crosskno Site, AR

$9,500.00    Views: 1803

Status: Available

Copena Reel Gorget

 Views: 1581

Semi-Keel Gorgets

 Views: 1555

Authentic Steatite Pipe

 Views: 2176

Mississippi Crown Bannerstone

 Views: 2489

Tennessee and Alabama Claystone Gorgets

 Views: 4886

Tennessee Discoidals

 Views: 3286

southern Gorgets

 Views: 2074

Cones and Loafstones

 Views: 2873

Frame of Northern Gorgets

 Views: 2787

Southern Bannerstones

 Views: 2686

Tennessee Reel Gorget

 Views: 1623

Copena Type Reel Gorget Alabama

 Views: 2501

Mississippi Artifacts

 Views: 2940

Hiwassee Island Tennessee Elbow Pipe

 Views: 4734

TN Expanded Center Gorget

$1,700.00    Views: 1829

Status: Available

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AH# 36771--Creekfound Kentucky flint knife, a long 5.38"
Price: $150.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 412
Fine 2 7/8” Ohio Coshocton Heavy Duty
Price: $95.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 65
AH# 40319--Illinois Paleo Clovis point, J. Dickey COA
Price: $295.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 254