Dr Gordon F Meuser’s finest Spool



Dr Gordon F Meuser’s finest Spool

Dr Gordon F Meuser’s finest Spool
Dr Gordon F Meuser’s finest Spool
Dr Gordon F Meuser’s finest Spool
Dr Gordon F Meuser’s finest Spool
Dr Gordon F Meuser’s finest Spool

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In the past 24 hours, I have been asked several times; What is a Spool? I am going to teach you all I know about this Artifact and this one in particular.This is Dr Meuser’s finest Spool.
For Size and Material and Provenience, please see John Berner's COA attached where he noted all that information. John Berner commented to me, "I personally remember handling and admiring this Spool when sitting with Earl Townsend in his home".

Rare Fort Ancient/Mississippian Culture Engraved Spool. It has dominant design features consisting of a series of parallel angled and zig-zag grooves that surround the hourglass shaped object. At each end of the flattened ends of the Spool are centrally located drilled holes penetrating the Spool. The holes may have served to anchor or hold the spool in place or spun in some manner. Although the function of the Spool is mostly a mystery, it is suggested they served either as a game or toy or a symbolic marking tool of some sort. The distribution of the Spool was quite limited to the Ohio River basin Region and surrounding locales in Southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.

To continue reading about Spools, check out this link: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/other-stones-and-artifacts/638-whats-in-a-spool

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