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Hello and welcome to my Store on! I specialize in mostly Hardstone Artifacts with an emphasis on Bannerstones and Gorgets. I mainly collect from the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee but as you can see from my items I will have items from all over the United States from time to time. I offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all items. No buyers remorse please. (Pottery Returns must be made in person). I also guarantee everything I sell to be authentic and legally obtained. I am always in the market to buy single items and collections that are legally obtained. Email your photos to . I am a member of The Authentic Artifact Collectors Association, Central State Archaeological Society, Mississippi/Alabama/Tennessee State Archaeological Societies and the Genuine Indian Relic Society. I ship all orders FREE USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Tracking. I prefer PayPal or US Postal Money orders but will accept personal checks and will ship after the check has cleared. Thanks again for stopping my Mac’s Artifacts Store!

East TN Gorget

 Views: 524

Brown Banded Claystone Semi Keel Gorget

 Views: 1387

Tan Claystone Semi Keeled Gorget

 Views: 708

Claystone Adena drilled gorget

$530.00    Views: 935

Status: Available

Tennessee Hard-stone Pendant Morast

$550.00    Views: 800

Status: Available

East TN Semi Keeled Gorget

$800.00    Views: 603

Status: Available

Hiwassee River Game Stone

$135.00    Views: 1247

Status: Available

Tennessee Hard-stone Tube Bannerstone

$900.00    Views: 1147

Status: Sold

Benton Phase Mississippi Crown Bannerstone

 Views: 868

Maces or Benton Duck Bills

 Views: 1299

Second Phase Reel Bannerstone

 Views: 930

Shuttle Bannerstone

$875.00    Views: 1118

Status: Available

Kentucky Bannerstone Preform Cache

$2,200.00    Views: 2056

Status: Available

North Carolina Bannerstones

$900.00    Views: 1544

Status: Available

Assorted Pieces of Pottery

$250.00    Views: 2638

Status: Available Accepting Offers

Mississippian Water Bottle

$1,725.00    Views: 1080

Status: Available

Quapaw Old Town Red Spittoon Hatchcock

$2,250.00    Views: 982

Status: Available

Red and White Mississippian water bottle

$2,900.00    Views: 984

Status: Available

Hardstone Pendant from North Mississippi

$1,300.00    Views: 1829

Status: Available

Full Body Human Effigy Bottle

$8,500.00    Views: 1771

Status: Available

Full Body Human Effigy Bottle. Crosskno Site, AR

$9,500.00    Views: 2180

Status: Available

Copena Reel Gorget

 Views: 1819

Semi-Keel Gorgets

 Views: 1742

Authentic Steatite Pipe

 Views: 2544

Mississippi Crown Bannerstone

 Views: 2676

Tennessee and Alabama Claystone Gorgets

 Views: 5459

Tennessee Discoidals

 Views: 3721

southern Gorgets

 Views: 2321

Cones and Loafstones

 Views: 3183

Frame of Northern Gorgets

 Views: 3106

Southern Bannerstones

 Views: 2947

Tennessee Reel Gorget

 Views: 1851

Copena Type Reel Gorget Alabama

 Views: 2769

Mississippi Artifacts

 Views: 3293

Hiwassee Island Tennessee Elbow Pipe

$4,700.00    Views: 5253

Status: Available

TN Expanded Center Gorget

$1,700.00    Views: 2059

Status: Available

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AH# 41550--Creekfound Indiana Snyders Hopewell
Price: $175.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 244