72077--FINE grade large Late Archaic Barbed



72077--FINE grade large Late Archaic Barbed

72077--FINE grade large Late Archaic Barbed
72077--FINE grade large Late Archaic Barbed
72077--FINE grade large Late Archaic Barbed

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$0 shipping,no additional cost on this ex Norman Reid Indian Hill Museum Late Archaic Barbed (Adena 'precursor')--Indiana Hornstone or Illinois Cobden, take you pick--the surface has enough 'brown patination' that I think it's that Illinois Hornstone (Cobden), but I'm not 100% sure. Generally with Cobden you get more concentric bands in the flint, but nodules of flint aren't always uniform. Length is an excellent 3" dead-on, by slightly over 1&7/8" (these 'barbed points' are typically wide, well developed), by slightly over 5/16", so it's very proportional. There is no damage to the stem or tip, but one barb has a tiny flat spot at the end--minor wear. Ancient patination is excellent, the find dated to 1952, Wabash County, Illinois, by Mr. Reid--he did use some glue to hold the piece in place in a frame, some glue 'splash' could be removed if you chose. Decent piece, lifetime guaranteed authentic. I welcome checks or M.O.s however I do not use paypal--Roy A.

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