71952--Kentucky Pinetree,hornstone & cortex



71952--Kentucky Pinetree,hornstone & cortex

71952--Kentucky Pinetree,hornstone & cortex
71952--Kentucky Pinetree,hornstone & cortex
71952--Kentucky Pinetree,hornstone & cortex

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Decent, even if well used Pinetree from Daviess or area county in Kentucky. The hornstone shows that it was an 'edge piece' that had the cherty limestone on one side--the Early Archaic knapper, Pinetree Culture, made use of that cortex inclusion, actually made it the main work edge of this 2&1/16" Pinetree. Why use the 'rough side', sorry, I've had the piece more than a decade, never quite came up with a good explanation myself--they just did. Note that near the tip the blade edge is indented, but not use polished too much. It'd seem they kept serrating that sharpening notch...and maybe that's what the entire piece was for--shaft sharpener. While a use-made tip ding was never repaired, all four cardinal points of the base/ barbs are intact. You find a Pinetree with all four base points, it's unusual--generally at least ONE is damaged. That fact alone tells you the piece had some purpose other than everyday meal prep. The basal edge here is extra well ground, and the tip has a shine that indicates it was a polishing feature, the sharp edges worn down--a tool that had more than one use, very obviously, and lifetime guaranteed real. Shipping is included with the price, checks or M.O.s are welcomed. Sorry, I do not use paypal--Roy A.

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