72575--Kentucky Pinetree



72575--Kentucky Pinetree

72575--Kentucky Pinetree
72575--Kentucky Pinetree
72575--Kentucky Pinetree

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Price: $120.00
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Out of a Hopkins County, Kentucky based collection--wasn't labeled if it was found there in Hopkins County, or across the Pond River in Muhlenburg County. The piece has excellent Early Archaic chipping--pure Pinetree, but what keeps the price reasonable is that the material is either a "tan chert" or a cortex off a Hornstone slab--I wish the flint were better, but the craftsmanship the Pinetree knapper put into the point, that's impressive: needle tip, basal grinding ( heavy), blade edge serration, and a "hooked barb" that I think was original to the blade--measures slightly over 1&7/8" by 1&1/2", 5/16" max thickness in the center. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $5.00, and payment welcomed by check or M.O.--sorry, I do not use paypal--Roy A.

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