Hiwassee Island Tennessee Elbow Pipe



Hiwassee Island Tennessee Elbow Pipe

Hiwassee Island Tennessee Elbow Pipe
Hiwassee Island Tennessee Elbow Pipe
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The Stroud pipe P27 was found at Blythes Ferry at the end of Hiwassee Island by Mr. Bob Carroway. Bob Morast purchased it from him and Dan Stroud from Mr. Morast. Morast's number is 350-35. I was told the Material is Greenstone, but in fact, it is Mudstone.

Mudstone (also called mudrock) is a fine grained sedimentary rock whose original constituents were clays or muds. Mud rocks, such as mudstone and shale comprise some 65% of all sedimentary rocks. Mudstone looks like hardened clay . They can be separated into these categories:
• Siltstone - greater than half of the composition is silt-sized particles.
• Claystone - greater than half of the composition is clay-sized particles.
• Mudstone - hardened mud; a mix of silt and clay sized particles. Mudstone can include:
o Shale - exhibits lamination or fissility.
o Argillite - has undergone low grade metamorphism.

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