Mississippi Hematite Gorget



Mississippi Hematite Gorget

Mississippi Hematite Gorget
Mississippi Hematite Gorget

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Jaketown Site (22 HU 505) is an archaeological site with two prehistoric earthwork mounds in Humphreys County, Mississippi, United States.[2] While the mounds have not been excavated, distinctive pottery sherds found in the area lead scholars to date the mounds' construction and use to the Mississippian culture period, roughly 1100 CE to 1500 CE.
The site was a complex regional trade center that developed and was inhabited much earlier, from 2000-600 BCE, during the Poverty Point culture within the Late Archaic period of the United States.[4] This culture is seen in more than 100 sites on both sides of the Mississippi River, from present-day Louisiana to Mississippi; it also was linked to more distant areas through a trading network. The site has evidence of trade in raw materials and manufacture of finished items that were distributed through the network throughout the Eastern United States.
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