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Mississippi Artifacts

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Some of my Finer Mississippi pieces.

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Tennessee Hard-stone Pendant Morast

$550.00    Views: 1458

Status: Available

Arkansas Hourglass Bannerstone

$8,800.00    Views: 6305

Status: Available

Mississippi Hematite Gorget

$900.00    Views: 6048

Status: Available

Tallied Reel Gorget

$600.00    Views: 2459

Status: Available

Elliptical Gorget

$4,200.00    Views: 295

Status: Available

Semi-Keel Gorgets

 Views: 2358

Spatulate , Gamestones, Dallas Points Davis G10...

$0.00    Views: 4819

Status: Available

Caddoan Bottle

$3,700.00    Views: 3939

Status: Available

Assorted Pieces of Pottery

$250.00    Views: 4076

Status: Available Accepting Offers

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#51907--Creekfound Kentucky Adena, Last Day
Price: $32.00
Status: Sold
Total Views: 55
Fine 2 1/4” Boyle Pinetree Clay County, Kentucky
Price: $65.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 156
Colorful 4 5/8” Flint Ridge Blade Licking County, Ohio
Price: $175.00
Status: Pending Sale
Total Views: 187