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Mississippi Artifacts

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Some of my Finer Mississippi pieces.

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Hiwassee Island Tennessee Elbow Pipe

$4,700.00    Views: 5610

Status: Available

Tennessee Dover Celts / Adz

$7,500.00    Views: 5352

Status: Available

Second Phase Reel Bannerstone

 Views: 1075

Study Gorget Pieces from Desoto County Mississippi

 Views: 4883

Canoe Effigy Bottle

$4,500.00    Views: 1715

Status: Available

Hickory Engraved Bottle

$5,300.00    Views: 3552

Status: Available

Arkansas Hourglass Bannerstone

$8,800.00    Views: 5654

Status: Available

Mississippi Hematite Gorget

$900.00    Views: 5199

Status: Available

Hardstone Pendant from North Mississippi

$1,300.00    Views: 2280

Status: Available

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AH# 41564--Indiana hornstone Kirk Cornernotch
Price: $85.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 472
Rare Beveled Simpson with Davis COA G9
Price: $275.00
Status: Available
Accepting Offers
Total Views: 37
#44406--Fifty S.W. Indiana arrowheads
Price: $155.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 365