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COA’s included for 95% of the higher priced artifacts! My Grandfather, Norman C Mueller, spent a lot of his life collecting and trading Indian artifacts. Born in Nebraska in 1902 he spent much of his youth exploring fields and streams for interesting rocks and artifacts. As a young man he worked as a chauffeur for some Indians who had discovered oil on their lands, bought a car, but did not know how to drive! Norman continued to collect artifacts through out his life while working in the Insurance and Real Estate industry. I was honored to have inherited his collection but due to the size of it I auctioned off much of it through Bennett’s Auction’s in March of 2008. I was an Allstate Insurance agent here in Central Florida for over 30 years but am now retired. It has been a blessing to enjoy these artifacts but I am now ready to sell the remainder of the collection so that I can scale down, travel and do more with my grandchildren. I am only one of a very few stores that INCLUDES COA’s from reputable authenticators for 95% of the more valuable points and I will accept returns up to 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied. This will save you MUCH worry, expense and time regarding knowing that you are purchasing true, ancient and authentic artifacts! Payment can be made through PayPal, Venmo or other arrangements acceptable to both buyer and seller. I charge a standard shipping fee of $7.00 for purchases under $50.00, no charge if purchase is $50.00 or more. We are always ready to consider offers so don’t hesitate to do so. I will be adding authenticated items regularly, my wife and I are working hard on this store! Feel free to contact me for details about any items and I appreciate your input regarding any of our items in the store. Thanks, Randy Mueller 386-748-0762

Interesting Four Bevel Harahey Knife COA G9.70 #11

$200.00    Views: 3484

Status: Sold

Sharp Four Bevel Harahey Knife COA G9.75 #9

$250.00    Views: 3389

Status: Sold

Folsom Beauty COA G8 Displays well! #8

$1,200.00    Views: 3696

Status: Sold

Dickson COA G9.75 Very Sharp! #6

$200.00    Views: 3564

Status: Sold

Unusual Plainview AKA Coastview Excurvate Knife...

$250.00    Views: 3798

Status: Sold

Translucent Kinney Knife D Rogers COA #4

$950.00    Views: 3326

Status: Sold

Ventana Side Notch Point COA G9.85 #3

$500.00    Views: 3404

Status: Sold

Rare Frio-AKA Walking Man Point G9.85 COA #2

$250.00    Views: 3335

Status: Sold

Allen G10 Point Davis and Garrison COA’s. #1

$1,500.00    Views: 3744

Status: Sold

Collection History and Artifacts information

 Views: 3674

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Price: $1,350.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 51
G10 Big Beautiful Florida Santa Fe Arrowhead 100% GUARANTEED
Price: $300.00
Status: Available
Accepting Offers
Total Views: 104
Beautiful (and RARE) Jasper Pentagonal Knife with Eccentric Notching - Dwain Rogers COA
Price: $975.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 55
Big Beautiful Missouri Transitional Paleo Beaver Lake Arrowhead Stermer COA
Price: $700.00
Status: Available
Accepting Offers
Total Views: 70
70491--Sonora Flint Beaver Lake dart
Price: $65.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 100