Semi-Keel Gorgets



Semi-Keel Gorgets

Semi-Keel Gorgets
Semi-Keel Gorgets
Semi-Keel Gorgets

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Extremely Rare Grouping of TN & AL Semi-Keel Gorgets made of Banded Claystone.

1. 2.92” Humphreys County TN. Personal find of Kit Carson of Waverly, TN.
2. 3.04” Hardin County TN. Found by a diver in TN River. X-Jeff Wilkes , X-Ray Kilgore.
3. 2.49” Wayne County, TN. Found by James Cunningham. Sold by Finder to Ray Kilgore
4. 2.41” Decatur County, TN. Found by Jacky Steward on the TN River.
5. 2.45” Dekalb County, TN. Found by Warren Johnson. Sold by finder to Ray Kilgore
6. 2.57” Limestone County, AL. Found by James Peters on TN River. X-Ray Kilgore.

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