Ivory Eskimo Spear Point - Alaska



Ivory Eskimo Spear Point - Alaska

Ivory Eskimo Spear Point - Alaska
Ivory Eskimo Spear Point - Alaska
Ivory Eskimo Spear Point - Alaska
Ivory Eskimo Spear Point - Alaska
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Price: $175.00
Status: Available
Dimensions:6.85" X 0.5"

This beautiful and functional Eskimo Spear Point is made of an aged ivory with a glossy look. This piece was dug on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. (This spear is part of a 25-piece, high-end Eskimo frame that I will be listing here.)

"If you want something to persist and be remembered, lie about it. Lie about where it came from, lie about why it’s good, lie about why it’s bad, lie about who made it, and lie about the motives of people who use it. Surround something with enough lies, and it will become so controversial and so many people will become so fixated on it that it will be remembered for a very long time. When Voltaire said, “History is a Mississippi of lies,” he missed the point. The point is not that history contains lies. The point is that it is history because it contains lies. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be remembered. Subtle difference."

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