70695--Hornstone Adena, sharpened many times



70695--Hornstone Adena, sharpened many times

70695--Hornstone Adena, sharpened many times
70695--Hornstone Adena, sharpened many times
70695--Hornstone Adena, sharpened many times

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I have the shipping, nothing extra required on this massive Indiana or Kentucky Adena--the collector didn't mark it for which state produced the piece, but the type Hornstone only comes from one of these two states. First off, this Adena was once absolutely huge, even with repeated sharpening it still measures 3&15/16" by 1&5/8". The thickness is one you almost have to see, hold in-hand to appreciate: 5/8" thickness in the center of the barbs. That width/ thickness ration would indicate a blade that was once over 6", and a width that may have reached 2&1/4". On some 'lense-type' cherts, Dover or Burlington, you can have extra large points, but to find and crack open a hornstone nodule that size, we're talking EFFORT. That's a lot of flint to split open--and get a flat preform, not one that's semi-curved. The blade is straight on this Adena, the preform was basically flat. There may be slight edge-dulling to the stem, but it's minor, it doesn't come up to the level of edge grinding, Every detail of the piece is lifetime guaranteed real, excellent patina. I welcome checks, cash, or M.O.s, but don't use paypal--Roy a.

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