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AxtellPenny Point

AxtellPenny Point
AxtellPenny Point
AxtellPenny Point
AxtellPenny Point
AxtellPenny Point
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Price: $100.00
Status: Available
Dimensions:1 7/8" x 13/16"

You don't see too many Axtell points, often called Penny points. I have heard it was because the base was somewhat shaped like a Penny. A more likely reason is because, back in the day, especially from Oklahoma to the Grand Canyon on Route 66, all the tourist spots had jars of quickly fashioned points, usually made of obsidian, that looked very similiar to the Axtell and could be bought for a penny each. Regardless, this example, made of quality material shows heavy use wear with the classic base and a fine tip. It comes with a Rogers COA. I have the shipping.

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