Coastal Pottery Frame with Print



Coastal Pottery Frame with Print

Coastal Pottery Frame with Print
Coastal Pottery Frame with Print
Coastal Pottery Frame with Print
Coastal Pottery Frame with Print
Coastal Pottery Frame with Print
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Coastal Pottery Frame.
I make these pottery frames to order for teachers, schools, collector displays, etc. These frames are composed of pottery shards I have collected from all the different shorelines of the Galveston Bay Complex. The Pottery Sherds mostly come from shell middens and shoreline camps on Upper Galveston and Trinity Bays. The makers were various tribes of the local Karankawa and Orcoquisac confederations that called the area home. The Pottery can date back between 250 and 2500 years ago.
The frames are the standard Steele's (8 1/2" X 14") collectors box frame. The print is one I commissioned of a typical Karankawa or Orcoquisac coastal camp on Galveston Bay may have looked like. It's printed on a sheet of heavy white print stock.
Each frame has between 12 and 20 individual pottery shards that will include body and rim pieces, as well as some modified animal bone tool pieces and flint debitage found at the camp sites. Many of the pottery sherds have a natural asphaltum treating for water proofing or decoration. The pottery, bone and flint pieces are glued in place around the print. NOTE** We will by request provide the pieces in loose form so they can be handled or examined by students or enthusiasts.
Each frame is different as the selection of materials is different. The pictures show two different frames for comparison.
I will sell each unit for $65. shipped. If you want multiple units for classrooms, contact me.

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