#50234--Kentucky Kirk Cornernotch



#50234--Kentucky Kirk Cornernotch

#50234--Kentucky Kirk Cornernotch
#50234--Kentucky Kirk Cornernotch

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So heavily sharpened in Early Archaic usage that it took some study to finally decide this IS a Kirk--the pressure flaking is clearly Early Archaic workmanship, as is the very light basal edge dulling-- length is 1&13/16" by 1&7/16", and with a blade that's 3/8" thick there was originally a lot more length based on that thick of a medial ridge. The barbs would have been longer if not for the blade having gone through so many use cycles. For all the sharpening, though, the lines of the Kirk are clean, they never beveled the blade edges, flakes feather out out from each of the four sides--classic Kirk sharpening technique. The flint is either Indiana Derby flint or a comparable Kentucky flint found on that side of the river (Yellow Banks Flint), Breckinridge County, where the point was found. Patina is absolutely great, lifetime guaranteed authentic, shipping is $4.00, and checks are preferred--Roy A.

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