#49224--Creek found Buck Creek Dixon, KY



#49224--Creek found Buck Creek Dixon, KY

#49224--Creek found Buck Creek Dixon, KY
#49224--Creek found Buck Creek Dixon, KY
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In all likely hood the very last time this Snap Base was used there was a small impact fracture to the tip--patina is identical the body of the Buck Creek (or Dixon) blade. If may not look it, but the flint is GRAY hornstone under all the patination 2&11/16" by 1&7/16", and a thin 5/16" max thickness. The find comes from the Webster--Union County, Kentucky creeks, basally ground to smooth the rough edges of the snap base, strongly aged, and lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s each with day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A./

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