#49132--Creek found group of five KY points



#49132--Creek found group of five KY points

#49132--Creek found group of five KY points
#49132--Creek found group of five KY points
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A mix of cultural point types/ knives from Union or Webster County, Kentucky, area--all were found in creeks, show the strong patina creek -found pieces are known for--all are made of varying grades of Hornstone, Also, each of the five shows the use-and-modifications from being hafted for either projectiles or knives--the larger (2&1/4") stemmed point having been converted from a large knife to a large hafted scraper--Mid Archaic Culture. Two of the cornernotched points are Early Archaic in time frame, the other three are Mid-to-Late Archaic Culture--ALL are guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $5,00, checks or M.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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