#49065--Creekfound Sonora flint Lost Lake



#49065--Creekfound Sonora flint Lost Lake

#49065--Creekfound Sonora flint Lost Lake
#49065--Creekfound Sonora flint Lost Lake
#49065--Creekfound Sonora flint Lost Lake
#49065--Creekfound Sonora flint Lost Lake
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A creek found Lost Lost Lake from the Daviess County--Ohio County, Kentucky region--made from Sonora Flint measureing 2&13/16" by 1&5/8". There is a slight twist to the length as one side 'dishes-in'. The blade shows excellent bevel-sharpening and the base shows very good basal grinding. There is very little that could be called damage, although I'll note that the outer edge of one barb has a flat plane that wasn't knapped, it was present when the Cobbs knife preform (teardrop shape) was worked. As the Early Archaic flintknaapper worked the edges this 'plane' was incorporated into the final shape. Note the small 'hafting indention' on the opposite barb; the knapper carefully worked a small indention for wrapping sinew, stabilizing the piece in its knife handle. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic, the piece guaranteed to receive a COA from Dickey, Rogers, or any of a number of other authenticators who paper Sonora Flint. Shipping is $4.00, and checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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