#49850--Indiana Cobbs, Hornstone



#49850--Indiana Cobbs, Hornstone

#49850--Indiana Cobbs, Hornstone
#49850--Indiana Cobbs, Hornstone
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A southwest Indiana (Spencer County) Cobbs Early Archaic beveled knife made from a very top grade of our Harrison County-type hornstone just under 2&1/2" by 1&7/16". The base has a notch may have been done for hafting the knife, it doesn't look like farming damage--problem is that Cobbs Knives (Lost Lake and Dovetail preforms) were considered hand-held knives. Possibly a later culture hunter found and adapted the knife for whatever purpose. That might account for the darker hornstone seen in the basal notch. Note that the tip is a very patinated (Early Archaic made) flat spot that was never re-made into a sharp point. If the base was done by a later culture, why not the tip? Questions are easy to ask, hard to answer when you're dealing with a 7,500 year old piece--authenticity, though, is easy, every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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