#49503-Three very decent creek-found darts



#49503-Three very decent creek-found darts

#49503-Three very decent creek-found darts
#49503-Three very decent creek-found darts
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I'll say up-front that each has a tiny imperfection--they were used and lost in creeks in western Kentucky--pictures should show exactly what each looks like in person. The degree of creek staining depended on what minerals were in that particular Webster or Union county, Kentucky, creek. Lengths are: 1&7/8"--1&3/8", and 1&5/16". All three show the Early Archaic-type workmanship--longest being beveled so I'd assign it to the Lost Lake tradition; the stained piece being cornernotched and four-side-beveled (Kirk), and the last C.N. point more Pinetree in form. All show basal edge grinding and pressure chipping--ALL are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $5.00, checks or M.O.s each with day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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