#48210--Creekfound 3.75" THIN flint knife--KY



#48210--Creekfound 3.75" THIN flint knife--KY

#48210--Creekfound 3.75" THIN flint knife--KY
#48210--Creekfound 3.75" THIN flint knife--KY
#48210--Creekfound 3.75" THIN flint knife--KY
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A Union County, Kentucky, creek find, this thin 3&3/4" by 1&1/4" wide flint knife is only 5/16" at the max. The flint MAY be related to Kaolin Flint, as that also turns up in far western Kentucky (not just Illinois), but it isn't that often I've seen it make it into the Union County, KY, creeks. While the flint identification is an "I think", the thing that's 100% sure is that the knife is Early Archaic Culture--pressure flaking and basal thinning, although there is no basal edge grinding. Is it a Dalton Culture knife--that's my best guess--have to ask Mack Ashman, he's the expert on Dalton artifacts. The flaking pattern looks right, though, plus the somewhat squared base. Patination is excellent, every detail is guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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