#48103--Indiana Hardin, creek/ river find



#48103--Indiana Hardin, creek river find

#48103--Indiana Hardin, creek river find
#48103--Indiana Hardin, creek river find
#48103--Indiana Hardin, creek river find
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Water staining along the blade edges is a dead give-away, this Hardin came from a waterway--the last owner wasn't given specific info on that point, but patina speaks for itself. The Early Archaic Hardin comes out of the Sullivan--Vigo County, Indiana, area, made from a light chert--doesn't really look like Burlington to me, but there are variations of every flint, so it may be Burlington--2&5/8" by 1&1/16". with a body that reaches 3/8" thickness. That, and the bevel edges indicate there was considerable more length and width originally. Note the tip had a duo purpose use, it's heavily use-polished from buffing some surface. That's a small buffing surface, only 1/4" wide. but you can feel the ancient usage. One barb is anciently dinged and salvaged, so that may have been the more heavily used knife edge. Basal grinding is excellent. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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