#48023--Creek found Lost Lake, Kentucky



#48023--Creek found Lost Lake, Kentucky

#48023--Creek found Lost Lake, Kentucky
#48023--Creek found Lost Lake, Kentucky
#48023--Creek found Lost Lake, Kentucky
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How many Lost Lakes have one barb snapped, you don't even want to count them, there are so many found like this--here, though, there was a salvaging of the barb, it's not a clean snap-off. there is some grinding to the break edge, so the Early Archaic point/ knife was in use after that barb snapped--the cutting edge was more important, anyway, and a fragile extra bit of edge on the barb wouldn't have added much length to the cutting edge. The flint is a creek-weathered hornstone, 2&3/8" by 1&11/16", 5/16" max thickness. Basal grinding is Lost Lake heavy, as it should be, and blade edges (left edge) are beveled on each face. The find comes out of Union county, Kentucky, area, lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s each receiving day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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