#48653--Creek found THIN Paleo Agate Basin



#48653--Creek found THIN Paleo Agate Basin

#48653--Creek found THIN Paleo Agate Basin
#48653--Creek found THIN Paleo Agate Basin
#48653--Creek found THIN Paleo Agate Basin
#48653--Creek found THIN Paleo Agate Basin
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Found in a Union County, Kentucky, creekbed several years back this Paleo Agate Basin is made from a light colored nodular flint with a high silicate level--if this a type of hornstone it has bleached-out to a much lighter color than I've ever come across--the bands in the flint remind you of Cobden Flint, but again the color is far lighter. Tap this long Agate Basin against another piece of flint and it "rings"--reminds you of high quality crystal in that regard. Length is 4&1/8" by 1&3/16", thickness is BARELY over 1/4" at the single thickest spot (center); not to belabor the point but the flaking is classic Late Paleo work.The lower lateral edges are heavily edge-ground--interesting that an impact fracture to the tip was also ground/ polished by using the lance as a buffing tool some 9500 years BP. You can still see the impact fracture flake channel--close up pic should show the heavy polish to the end of the lance. Patina on this Paleo tool is unmistakable, it's lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. Shipping is $5.00, with checks or M.O.s welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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