#47351--Kentucky MacCorkle, GREAT patina



#47351--Kentucky MacCorkle, GREAT patina

#47351--Kentucky MacCorkle, GREAT patina
#47351--Kentucky MacCorkle, GREAT patina
#47351--Kentucky MacCorkle, GREAT patina
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A Daviess County, Kentucky, MacCorkle Early Archaic point/ knife with the classic lobed base and serrated blade edges. The patina has every element I'd expect on a creek find--and the collection had a number of obvious creek finds in it. Mineralization of the flint (either Indiana Derby flint or the same flint found on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, Yellowbanks --among other names for it), length is 2&1/2" by 1&7/16", very proportional thickness at 5/16" max. The curvature of the tip indicates the Bifurcate was considerably longer as first made. Barbs and lobed base are nearly intact, simply show use-wear, with one VERY small modern-made chip at the one outer lobe edge--if you want to study the patination, that spot alone will tell you this is a lifetime guaranteed authentic piece. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s each receiving day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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