#47973--Greenbrier hafted knife, Kentucky



#47973--Greenbrier hafted knife, Kentucky

#47973--Greenbrier hafted knife, Kentucky
#47973--Greenbrier hafted knife, Kentucky
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The finder walked various sites in Christian, Muhlenberg, and Hopkins Counties, Kentucky--which one produced this "home made" knife I couldn't say, it was buried in a popcorn canister of flint, you got what was there--just getting some provenance was difficult, fifteen years back. The knife--and based on the flared base I assume it's Greenbrier--was made to serve a purpose, not much artistry went into it, functional, not made fro beauty. Length is 3&7/16", the tip made into a heavily used gouge (use polish). There is no basal grinding, and most of the chipping is percussion work.One note--the cutting edges show considerable dulling, so the piece had more use that you'd expect for a rough-made (flint is one I can't identify) knife. Sometimes you learn more from a "study piece" like this than a perfectly made textbook example. Price is right, and shipping is only $4.00--checks or M.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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