#45267--Creek found Madison w ground base



#45267--Creek found Madison w ground base

#45267--Creek found Madison w ground base
#45267--Creek found Madison w ground base
#45267--Creek found Madison w ground base
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A Union County--Henderson County, Kentucky, creek find made of a deeply creek stained off-white flint--it may be Burlington flint, but has a definitely "waxy" higher silicate luster (where it isn't covered by iron staining). Of the thousands of Madison points, "War Points", "triangles", whatever term you want to use for small variation Mississippian Culture bow-and-arrow points, this is the first I've come across with strong basal edge grinding. This isn't a "dull it somewhat', this is out-and-out basal grinding as used by Early Archaic peoples...and there is no good explanation as to why. The piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic, "no-brainer". The one small chip off the very tip has use polish over it-the Mississippian hunter made a secondary use for this long, 1&7/8" triangle--polishing something (good question what, though). A VERY neat piece. Shipping is $4.00, checks are much preferred, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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