#45729--Creekfound Kirk Stem,great serrations



#45729--Creekfound Kirk Stem,great serrations

#45729--Creekfound Kirk Stem,great serrations
#45729--Creekfound Kirk Stem,great serrations
#45729--Creekfound Kirk Stem,great serrations
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Some Kentucky Kirks has an exaggerated serration sharpening pattern, pressure flaked deep into the body of the blade so that the cutting points are far larger than you'd think was necessary (or helpful)--Kirk points like these make an interesting variation, though, and it seems limited to counties around the western Kentucky "Lakes area"--this piece a Union Co.,KY find. Material is hornstone 2&7/16" by 15/16", 3/8" max thickness measured on the stem. One face shows a thinning flake that's a literal "flute" it's so deep and long. One note here--the tip area is extremely thin. How the Early Archaic pressure flaked tht area without breaking it is a testament to their skill. Every possible detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, and checks are much appreciated, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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