#44372--Creek found fluted Big Sandy, Kentucky



#44372--Creek found fluted Big Sandy, Kentucky

#44372--Creek found fluted Big Sandy, Kentucky
#44372--Creek found fluted Big Sandy, Kentucky
#44372--Creek found fluted Big Sandy, Kentucky
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Not overly long, a dart point, not a hafted knife, 1&15/16" by 15/16", and a very symmetrical 5/16" thickness--either hornstone or Sonora Flint. With the shade changes at the base I lean toward Sonora, the colors you'd expect on a creek found piece of Sonora.. Basal grinding is really, really heavy. And then there's that flute--my caliper reads it as extending 1&3/16" up the medial ridge. With the width of the side notches being slightly wider than the body of the blade it wouldn't seem that this was a salvaged Clovis point, but the piece couldn't have an age much less than the Paleo Period, the flute is deliberate. Note a pair of thin surface chips at the tip that resulted from creek tumbling, obvious patina change so you can study the aging. The Henderson County, Kentucky, area point is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and checks or M.O.s either one receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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