#44038--Snapbase Kentucky Eva, HI-grade



#44038--Snapbase Kentucky Eva, HI-grade

#44038--Snapbase Kentucky Eva, HI-grade
#44038--Snapbase Kentucky Eva, HI-grade
#44038--Snapbase Kentucky Eva, HI-grade
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The collection was gathered in Christian, Hopkins, and Muhlenberg Counties, from what I was old some fifteen years back--the Snap Base Eva being one of the best knapped pieces of flint in the whole collection (frame-after-frame of common points). This Eva is made from either Kentucky Blue flint, or one very high grade of Horstone--the fossil inclusions make me believe it's Ky Blue Flint,2&13/16: by 1&5/16", very thin and only reaching 5/16" at the hafting area. The only damage is that one barb was chipped in usage, ancient damage, and minor. Both workmanship and patina are excellent, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and payment preferred by check or M.O.--day after-receipt shipping with either one--Roy A.

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