#44830--Kirk Stemmed-Bifurcated-hornstone



#44830--Kirk Stemmed-Bifurcated-hornstone

#44830--Kirk Stemmed-Bifurcated-hornstone
#44830--Kirk Stemmed-Bifurcated-hornstone
#44830--Kirk Stemmed-Bifurcated-hornstone
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Out of the Spencer- Perry County, Indiana Ohio Riverfront fields, this Indiana Hornstone Kirk Stemmed-Bifurcate is 1&7/8" by 1&1/4", barely 1/4" thickness. The stemmed base was knapped leading out from the center of a hornstone nodule--some Early Archaic hunter made it hard on himself, choosing the far higher quartz material to fashion barbs and stem tangs. The idea that they'd be harder to break in usage may have made the experiment worth it--it worked, as only one stem-point has a nick at the end. A well made piece, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, checks or M.O.s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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