#44788--Three recent Kentucky creek finds



#44788--Three recent Kentucky creek finds

#44788--Three recent Kentucky creek finds
#44788--Three recent Kentucky creek finds
#44788--Three recent Kentucky creek finds
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Three deeply patinated creek-found artifacts from the Henderson, Kentucky, area, a 1&7/8" St. Louis Green flint (McLean County, Kentucky, variety flint) Motley with large rounded notches, a dark hornstone Elk River 2&9/16"--shows some transverse flaking, plus a snapped-off, HARD ground base, and a Turkey Tail made of the same McLean County, KY, quarried St. Louis Green flint 2&5/16". It took a bit of " now wait a minute" study, as the vast, vast majority of Turkey Tail points are hornstone. Obviously no one told the Late Archaic Period hunter he had to use hornstone, though. ALL are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and checks or M.O>s are appreciated, each with day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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