#44464--Ten Kentucky Creek Finds--PATINA



#44464--Ten Kentucky Creek Finds--PATINA

#44464--Ten Kentucky Creek Finds--PATINA
#44464--Ten Kentucky Creek Finds--PATINA
#44464--Ten Kentucky Creek Finds--PATINA
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A mix of point styles from Henderson, Union, and Webster Counties, Kentucky creekbeds. Patina doesn't lie, they're all real, and definitely no rechips...use, yes, each has had its share of sharpen-and-use cycles before being lost in whichever stream was being walked. Grey hornstone is the most used flint, patination changes with each creek's particular mineral content--the longest is 2&9/16". A couple are blunted on the tips, used as hafted scrapers, a couple are snap base--usable, still, if there was enough blade edge remaining (and they could be re-hafted). Neat pieces from across a mix of time periods. Every wandering tribe/ family group needed access to water, and creeks were their 'kitchens'. Shipping is included with the price, and checks or M.O.s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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