#42259--Two Indiana Hornstone Adenas



#42259--Two Indiana Hornstone Adenas

#42259--Two Indiana Hornstone Adenas
#42259--Two Indiana Hornstone Adenas
#42259--Two Indiana Hornstone Adenas
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Found along the Ohio River in either Spencer or Perry County, Indiana, both made of our Harrison County-type hornstone--3&1/8" and 2&3/4" respectively. The pair of Adena points/ knives have the distinctive riverbank patination of hornstone that was buried in silt for a couple thousand years. Both points show Woodland Period usage, sharpen-and-use cycles--for peoples who opened and ate a large number of mussel shells that almost always means the tips show wear/ salvage...it's not rocket science. These two are lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. SHIPPING is $4.00, so the total cost is $38.00, with checks or M.O.s preferred, NO HOLDING PERIODS--Roy A.

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