#42926--Indiana Adena, decent piece of flint



#42926--Indiana Adena, decent piece of flint

#42926--Indiana Adena, decent piece of flint
#42926--Indiana Adena, decent piece of flint
#42926--Indiana Adena, decent piece of flint
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Found along the Ohio River in the Spencer--Perry County, Indiana, area, the Adena point is made of a high grade of our Harrison County, Indiana hornstone 2&11/16" by 1&9/16", 5/16" thick at the max. Note that instead of the center of the nodule forming the center of the blade, the blue quartz nodule-center is on the edge of the stem and a barb point--for Woodland knappers, that's very unusual, they almost always made their preforms so the crystal center was centered on the blade. No explanation to offer, but sometimes the exceptions to the rule are the most interesting.. With the thickness of the blade being highest at the tip it would seem this was a much larger point as first made--NO damage, just ancient sharpenings. Patination is excellent, lifetime guaranteed authentic. SHIPPING is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s receiving day-after-receipt shipping; paypal accepted--Roy A.

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