#42861--Eight Kentucky creek found arrows



#42861--Eight Kentucky creek found arrows

#42861--Eight Kentucky creek found arrows
#42861--Eight Kentucky creek found arrows
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Price includes any shipping cost on this group of Henderson, Kentucky, area creek finds. The longest two are in the 1&3/4"--1&7/8" range. There are two drill forms, the Cornernotch Kirk that has the heat pop-outs that indicate fire damage-- flint chips had to be tasty when cooked with dinner--, and several small game dart projectiles. The pieces range in age from the 7,500 year old Kirk up to the gray hornstone triangular Jacks Reef bow-and-arrow point from the very late Hopewell period. ALL are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Checks or M.O.s receive day-after-receipt shipping; paypal accepted--Roy A.

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