#42846--Creekfound Kirk Stem-Serrated, Kentucky



#42846--Creekfound Kirk Stem-Serrated, Kentucky

#42846--Creekfound Kirk Stem-Serrated, Kentucky
#42846--Creekfound Kirk Stem-Serrated, Kentucky
#42846--Creekfound Kirk Stem-Serrated, Kentucky
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Very, very decent patination on thei Kirk Stemmed-serrated Early Archaic point from the Henderson County, Kentucky, area. What started as grey hornstone faded, toned, and took on a golden bronze color. Super patination by anyone's measure. No attempt was made to clean this recent creek find, it's exactly as it came from the stream. Length is 2&3/8" by 1&3/8", with a thickness of 5/16" testifying that the piece was sharpened down from a considerably longer first stage knife. The base of one auricle has a spot of darker grey, could have been dinged while rolling on the rocky creekbed, patination was from long after the piece was lost--I've seen points that deer stepped on--creeks being natural deer "highways". Every detail of the piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. SHIPPING is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s each receiving day-after-receipt shipping; paypal accepted--Roy A.

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