(1656) * Nice Early Archaic Lost Lake Meade Co Ky



(1656) * Nice Early Archaic Lost Lake Meade Co Ky

(1656) * Nice Early Archaic Lost Lake Meade Co Ky
(1656) * Nice Early Archaic Lost Lake Meade Co Ky
(1656) * Nice Early Archaic Lost Lake Meade Co Ky
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A very nice and example of an Early Archaic Lost Lake found along the Ohio River in Meade County Kentucky. In good condition with no modern damage, couple of minor ancient dings. Classic example with great flaking and form, beveled edges and anciently ground hafting area. I like the big thinning strike from the base up. Made of a nice glossy Hornstone with ancient patina and mineral deposits. Measures 2 5/8" x 1 9/16".

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