#42552--10 Indiana Birdpoints (Rivertons)



#42552--10 Indiana Birdpoints (Rivertons)

#42552--10 Indiana Birdpoints (Rivertons)
#42552--10 Indiana Birdpoints (Rivertons)
#42552--10 Indiana Birdpoints (Rivertons)
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Ten Riverton Culture birdpoints from Spencer County, Indiana--unusual that a number of them are made of hornstone instead of the Jasper from river cobbles like so many Rivertons--these people didn't travel far from home to find their flints. In spite of how hard river gravels were to knapp they chose pieces like the red Jasper centerpiece a surprising percentage of the time. The longest of these ten Late Archaic points measures only 1&3/8". ALL are lifetime guaranteed real. SHIPPING is $4.00, so the total cost is $29.00, with checks or M.O.s preferred, day-after-receipt shipping on either one; paypal accepted--Roy A.

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