Perino COA Knife



Perino COA Knife

Perino COA Knife
Perino COA Knife
Perino COA Knife
Perino COA Knife
Perino COA Knife
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Price: $70.00
Status: Available
Dimensions:3.5 x 1.25

There isn't a lot going for this Archaic knife from Independence Co., Arkansas. It is thick and lacking pressure flaking. That being said, it does have something positive to say. The provenance is strong with a finder. That is always a plus. The material is actually very pretty when magnified with a variety of inclusions, but I don't think they are fossil. The edges are dulled from use and the base is lightly ground. There are ancient limestone secretions on the blade near the base. I like Perino papers and if you don't have one, this would be a good time to pick one up at an affordable price. It comes with Perino COA as well as the Caddo Trading Museum Card. I have the shipping.

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