The Two Worlds of the Washo



The Two Worlds of the Washo

The Two Worlds of the Washo
The Two Worlds of the Washo
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This is a tremendously interesting book about a small group of American Indians that lived in the land between the Great Basin and the California Indians. They lived a very frugal life around Lake Tahoe. The book explains how they used the pine nut as a major source of food and inter-tribal rabbit hunts as well as their fishing practices around Lake Tahoe. Unlike the Shoshone and Paiute, First Contact, for the most part, was not violent since the Washo did not actively go to war against the "newcomers." Although only a handful of people still speak the Washo language today and it is near extinction, the remnants of the tribe still live in the area today. The book was published in 1966 by James Downs. It is well written and a fairly easy read with 113 pages. I have the shipping.

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