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(1427) * Beautiful Early Archaic Dovetail Blade Wapello Co Iowa
Price: $235.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 603
AH# 31694--Creekfound 7" Kentucky Turkey Tail--REDUCED
Price: $1,000.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 2124
Excellent 5" Kentucky Ft. Payne Blade
Price: $125.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 29
AH# 34264--Very fine grade Indiana Discoidal
Price: $495.00
Status: Available
Accepting Offers
Total Views: 971
Outstanding 3 7/8" Indiana 3/4 Groove Axe
Price: $155.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 29

R.A.Autry Artifacts

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. My name is Roy Autry, some collectors will know me from artifact shows around Indiana & Kentucky for over 40 years. My store lists a mix of 99% Indiana/ Kentucky points sold either individually or in groups, SPECIALIZING in creek found points.. Some are geared toward the 'new' collector as well as better grade pieces for the more advanced collector. Regardless of quality (or quantity) EVERY single piece will be lifetime guaranteed authentic and as described. The item description is printed out and will include as much information as I've been able to gather with an artifact; provenance matters. Each purchase has a fourteen (14) day inspection period, more time is given if you wish to have something authenticated--I recommend Jerry Dickey as I think him the best qualified of the professional authenticators. Shipping cost will be stated up-front. Unlike the "E" site I encourage personal checks, you do business one-to-one, and trust is a part of that equation. Credit cards or Pay Pal are not accepted. Any questions, please feel free to ask--Roy
AH# 36706--Illinois chisel, pick, digging tool--Burlington chert
Price: $25 |  Views: 77
Status: Available
AH# 36702--Kentucky Copena
Price: $40 |  Views: 26
Status: Available
AH$ 36701--Indiana Motley,good patina and form
Price: $38 |  Views: 19
Status: Available
AH# 36699--Creekfound Kentucky Pinetree Cornernotch
Price: $38 |  Views: 20
Status: Available
AH# 36698--Creekfound Kentucky Adena, bronze patination
Price: $38 |  Views: 16
Status: Available
AH# 36695--Creekfound Kentucky basal cornernotch
Price: $50 |  Views: 26
Status: Sold
AH# 36679--Indiana Thebes, sharpened in a full twist
Price: $30 |  Views: 117
Status: Sold
AH# 36678--Trip of decent Mid Archaic Kentucky Atl Atl darts
Price: $25 |  Views: 85
Status: Available
AH# 36676--Creekfound Kentucky Elk River, diagonal flaked
Price: $100 |  Views: 82
Status: Available
AH# 36672--Creekfound Kentucky Bakers Creek,textbook form
Price: $32 |  Views: 183
Status: Sold
AH# 36671--Creekfound 4.1" Benton Bottleneck snap stem
Price: $175 |  Views: 169
Status: Available
AH# 36669--Larger size Indiana Grooved Aze
Price: $85 |  Views: 180
Status: Available
AH# 36668--Kentucky Snap Base Kirk, Dover flint
Price: $23 |  Views: 160
Status: Sold
AH# 36667--Best Indiana hornstone Spall Knife I've seen
Price: $60 |  Views: 226
Status: Pending Sale
AH# 36665--Three Indiana Lost Lakes
Price: $120 |  Views: 182
Status: Available
AH# 36662--Lost Lake Blunt, Indiana hornstone
Price: $35 |  Views: 232
Status: Available
AH#36661--Creekfound Kentucky Motley with salvaged stem
Price: $30 |  Views: 186
Status: Available
AH# 36660--Indiana Hopewell North Blade, guitar pick shape
Price: $60 |  Views: 215
Status: Available
AH# 36659--Kentucky Buck Creek,average point, GREAT flint
Price: $22 |  Views: 143
Status: Available
AH# 36656--Creekfound Kentucky Buck Creek
Price: $28 |  Views: 161
Status: Available
AH# 36655--Creekfound Kentucky notched-base Turkey Tail
Price: $135 |  Views: 192
Status: Available
AH# 36652--Three very decent small Kentucky Creek finds
Price: $32 |  Views: 154
Status: Available
AH# 36636 Indiana Pickwick drill--jet plane shaped
Price: $37 |  Views: 98
Status: Available
AH# 36632--Indiana Full Groove 4.6" Early Archaic Axe
Price: $125 |  Views: 85
Status: Available
AH# 36631--Indiana Dalton Nuckolls or Greenbrier HIGH grade
Price: $275 |  Views: 163
Status: Available
AH# 36630--Creekfound Kentucky Pinetree
Price: $75 |  Views: 129
Status: Available
AH# 36622--Creekfound Kentucky flint knife, 4.1"
Price: $23 |  Views: 82
Status: Available
AH# 36621--Group of ten Kentucky flint knives uniface tools
Price: $30 |  Views: 84
Status: Available
AH# 36606--Kentucky Waubesa, VERY good form
Price: $50 |  Views: 98
Status: Available
AH# 36605--Kentucky Buck Creek
Price: $38 |  Views: 68
Status: Available
AH# 36604--Large Indiana Adena, Hornstone
Price: $43 |  Views: 84
Status: Available
AH# 36594--Indiana 2.1" Hornstone Turkey Tail
Price: $23 |  Views: 75
Status: Available
AH# 36591--Mississippian Culture tool group, Kentucky
Price: $60 |  Views: 138
Status: Available
AH# 36590--Creekfound extra large Kentucky Side Notch
Price: $165 |  Views: 140
Status: Available
AH# 36589--Kirk Cornernotch Dart--Indiana
Price: $30 |  Views: 124
Status: Available
AH# 36587--Indiana Hornstone Knife
Price: $18 |  Views: 107
Status: Available