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Fine 2 1/8" Indiana Harrodsburg Pinetree
Price: $100.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 88
AH# 36283--Kentucky Paleo Clovis,2.5" tan chert jasper
Price: $225.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 307
Beautiful 3 1/2" Stilwell Calloway County, Missouri
Price: $200.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 174
AH# 36665--Three Indiana Lost Lakes
Price: $103.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 350

Sierra Artifacts

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Greetings, I am Walter Williams, a long-time Texas collector and dealer. I specialize in Darl Horizon and San Patrice Cultures, but have broadened my scope of interest in recent years. I used to have a site on, but teaching and the apartment business took up too much time and I concentrated on them for a few years. I retired last year and want to spend more time researching and enjoying this wonderful hobby and business. I make the Texas shows but would like to start traveling out of state to attend shows, establish contacts, meet fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy our great country. I will give a 30 day guarantee on authenticity and satisfaction. Priority shipping is $7, if I charge shipping. I will try to do away with shipping with time. The buyer will have to pay return postage in the event your not pleased with your purchase. I prefer Paypal, but will work with you on a payment method that works best for you. Just because I have retired, does not mean I do not work. I am always busy, but look upon this as a business and hobby. As a result, I will monitor my email. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments or suggestions. I have a lot of the research on Darls and San Patrice and don't mind sharing. If you want site reports, ask and I may have it. I probably need to mentions COA'S. I collect for the future. I want good records and an assurance of authenticity beyond my own experience. Someday, my children will inherit my collection. I want to know that they can keep or sell as they desire, but having good records and COA'S improves their chances of receiving prices that are market oriented as opposed to hardship sells. To me, a certificate does not guarantee authenticity, but does bring some assurance and peace of mind, especially for new collectors. As a result, most of my artifacts have certificates with an emphasis on Roger's papers, since I live in Texas and trust his opinion, experience, and knowledge. Feel free to contact me at
Woodland Copena (Auriculate Variety)
Price: $45 |  Views: 18
Status: Available
Serrated Fishtailed Zephyr
Price: $80 |  Views: 19
Status: Available
Trade Beads
Price: $60 |  Views: 16
Status: Available
Prehistoric American - Great Pipes Special Issue.
Price: $20 |  Views: 20
Status: Available
Obsidian Rose Springs
Price: $40 |  Views: 23
Status: Available
Rose Springs
Price: $30 |  Views: 39
Status: Available
Copena (Auriculate Variety)
Price: $25 |  Views: 22
Status: Available
Pink Expanded Base Drill
Price: $25 |  Views: 43
Status: Available
Columbia Plateau Split Stem
Price: $35 |  Views: 52
Status: Available
G-10 Hoxie
Price: $750 |  Views: 43
Status: Available
Obsidian Cascade
Price: $60 |  Views: 38
Status: Available
Stunning Darl Knife
Price: $600 |  Views: 30
Status: Available
Candy Creek Point
Price: $25 |  Views: 36
Status: Available
Retirement Vacation
Price: $1234 |  Views: 94
Status: Available
Chalcedony Godley
Price: $40 |  Views: 69
Status: Available
Bi-Pointed Chisel
Price: $80 |  Views: 116
Status: Available
Steeply Beveled Zephyr
Price: $100 |  Views: 61
Status: Available
Lee County Nolan
Price: $50 |  Views: 64
Status: Available
Cibolo Creek Pedernales
Price: $40 |  Views: 63
Status: Available
Indurated Siltstone Saint John's San Patrice
Price: $50 |  Views: 57
Status: Available
Spanish Diggings Quartzite Bajada
Price: $25 |  Views: 92
Status: Pending Sale
Oatmeal Lost Lake
Price: $80 |  Views: 66
Status: Available
Immaculate Pedernales
Price: $100 |  Views: 68
Status: Available
Nicely Beveled Darl
Price: $60 |  Views: 103
Status: Available
White Charcos
Price: $50 |  Views: 80
Status: Available
Dual COA's on Gorgeous Red and Orange Colorado Archaic Knife
Price: $100 |  Views: 59
Status: Sold
Price: $25 |  Views: 65
Status: Pending Sale
Frosty Pedernales
Price: $70 |  Views: 125
Status: Available
G-10 Agate Darl
Price: $250 |  Views: 177
Status: Available
River Polished Levy
Price: $60 |  Views: 114
Status: Available
Balanced Bulverde
Price: $60 |  Views: 163
Status: Available
Exceptional Ensor
Price: $70 |  Views: 225
Status: Available
Super Patinated Early Triangle
Price: $100 |  Views: 93
Status: Available
Finely Flaked Fairland
Price: $80 |  Views: 259
Status: Available
Thin Early Triangle
Price: $80 |  Views: 263
Status: Available
Big Old Perd
Price: $125 |  Views: 172
Status: Available