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Fine 2 1/2" Pike County, Illinois Dovetail
Price: $60.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 192
(1428) * Outstanding Chalcedony Jacks Reef / Knight Island Meade Co Ky
Price: $155.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 26
(1429) * Collector Grade Early Archaic Dover Lost Lake Hardin Co Tn
Price: $200.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 22
Beautiful 4 11/16" Kentucky Sonora Elk River
Price: $200.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 211

M&M Artifacts

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Hi, My name is Mitch Fink and I am an Artifact Enthusiast.I am from Louisville Ky. and have been collecting artifacts for most of my life.I am currently living in LaFayette, Colorado.I am a member of the AACA, The GRAS, and The AFACA.I guarantee all my artifacts to be authentic and without re-touch unless otherwise stated.If a piece is not papered and purchaser would like to have one documented I will allow time for that service.I enjoy looking for artifacts, fishing, skiing, and taking care of my numerous exotic pets.
Socketed celt
Price: $225 |  Views: 97
Status: Available
Fine Beaver Lake Pictured in Who's Who #10
Price: $900 |  Views: 140
Status: Available
Split Base Indiana Dovetail
Price: $200 |  Views: 83
Status: Available
Fine Pinetree
Price: $250 |  Views: 130
Status: Available
Upper Mercer Adena Robbins
Price: $150 |  Views: 87
Status: Available
Massive Bullseye Hornstone Blade
Price: $500 |  Views: 91
Status: Available
Huge Kirk Cornernotch
Price: $350 |  Views: 114
Status: Available
Very Fine Carter Cave Un-Fractured Decatur
Price: $400 |  Views: 64
Status: Available
Large and Fine Kentucky Hardstone Celt
Price: $125 |  Views: 254
Status: Sold
Attica Chert Indiana Green Blade
Price: $40 |  Views: 178
Status: Available
Big Ohio Mercer Blade
Price: $50 |  Views: 569
Status: Available Price Reduced
Very Fine Side Notch
Price: $60 |  Views: 368
Status: Available Price Reduced
Snapped Base Lost Lake
Price: $50 |  Views: 520
Status: Available Price Reduced
Jack Hooks Dovetail
Price: $350 |  Views: 564
Status: Available Price Reduced
Fine Hornstone Side-notch
Price: $35 |  Views: 384
Status: Available Price Reduced
Sonora Corner-Notch
Price: $100 |  Views: 403
Status: Available Price Reduced
Breathitt Ft. Ancient Knife
Price: $100 |  Views: 1033
Status: Available Price Reduced