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Beautiful 4 11/16" Kentucky Sonora Elk River
Price: $200.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 211
(1429) * Collector Grade Early Archaic Dover Lost Lake Hardin Co Tn
Price: $200.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 22
Fine 2 1/2" Pike County, Illinois Dovetail
Price: $60.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 192
(1428) * Outstanding Chalcedony Jacks Reef / Knight Island Meade Co Ky
Price: $155.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 26

Mac's Artifacts

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Hello and welcome to my Store on! I specialize in mostly Hardstone Artifacts with an emphasis on Bannerstones and Gorgets. I mainly collect from the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee but as you can see from my items I will have items from all over the United States from time to time. I offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all items. No buyers remorse please. (Pottery Returns must be made in person). I also guarantee everything I sell to be authentic and legally obtained. I am always in the market to buy single items and collections that are legally obtained. Email your photos to . I am a member of The Authentic Artifact Collectors Association, Central State Archaeological Society, Mississippi/Alabama/Tennessee State Archaeological Societies and the Genuine Indian Relic Society. I ship all orders FREE USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Tracking. I prefer PayPal or US Postal Money orders but will accept personal checks and will ship after the check has cleared. Thanks again for stopping my Mac’s Artifacts Store!
Engraved & Cross Hatched TN Gorget
Price: $6500 |  Views: 2026
Status: Available
Adena Expanded Center Gorget
Price: $3600 |  Views: 2322
Status: Available
Notched Ovate Bannerstone
Price: $1200 |  Views: 3180
Status: Available
Tallied Reel Gorget
Price: $600 |  Views: 1448
Status: Available
Tallied Semi-Keel Gorget
Price: $4200 |  Views: 1575
Status: Available
Double Crescent Bannerstone
Price: $8800 |  Views: 3862
Status: Available
Mississipp​i Bottle Bannerston​e
Views: 1691
Illinois Notched Hoe
Price: $750 |  Views: 2956
Status: Available
Tennessee Dover Celts / Adz
Price: $7500 |  Views: 4058
Status: Available
Collectors Frame from Sunflower County MS
Views: 3279
Study Gorget Pieces from Desoto County Mississippi
Price: $0 |  Views: 3571
Status: Pending Sale
Arkansas Missouri Water Bottle
Price: $1800 |  Views: 2333
Status: Available
Stone Artifacts from Al Beinlich Collection
Views: 2366
Miniature Delta Celts
Views: 2977
Arkansas Hourglass Bannerstone
Price: $8800 |  Views: 4228
Status: Available
Frame of Gorgets
Views: 2146
Wisconsin Wing Bannerstone, Pictured WW#2 page 59
Price: $9500 |  Views: 4426
Status: Available
50 Arrow Gem Points mostly Western Plains , COA
Price: $1500 |  Views: 3168
Status: Available
Mississippi Spatulate
Views: 2298
Spatulate , Gamestones, Dallas Points Davis G10 COA
Price: $0 |  Views: 3178
Status: Available
Stairstep Tripodal Bottle
Price: $4900 |  Views: 1050
Status: Available
Hickory Engraved Bottle
Price: $5300 |  Views: 2627
Status: Available
Canoe Effigy Bottle
Price: $4500 |  Views: 1083
Status: Available
Canoe Effigy Bowls
Price: $5900 |  Views: 1409
Status: Available
Frog Effigy Jar
Price: $5900 |  Views: 2590
Status: Available
Indiana Panel Bannerstone
Price: $975 |  Views: 1186
Status: Available
Sioux Pipe/Tobacco Pouch
Price: $9500 |  Views: 1568
Status: Available
Benton A Frame Bannerstone
Views: 1702
Price: $2200 |  Views: 1165
Status: Available
Fantail Birdstone, Pictured GIRS
Price: $15000 |  Views: 2421
Status: Available
Price: $5800 |  Views: 2337
Status: Available
Nodena Red and White Swirl Bottle
Price: $4900 |  Views: 3088
Status: Available
Peased Brushed-Incised Jar
Price: $2450 |  Views: 1047
Status: Available
Military Road Jar
Price: $2750 |  Views: 1179
Status: Available
Keno Trailed Water Bottle
Price: $4500 |  Views: 1442
Status: Available
Caddoan Bottle
Price: $3700 |  Views: 2603
Status: Available